Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Keep organizing my pantry and office corner.

      We don't really have a big pantry in our small house.  I have converted my closet in my guest bathroom to the pantry / extra stuff storage.  It was nice 2 years ago.  Well I always wanted to reorganize it, but it's seem like my motivation and energy haven't come around yet.  After yesterday I got more motivation and energy to do it and here we go.
     OMG it's so embarrassing this over flow and I don't know what to do with all the random stuff.  I have to organize it one by one shelf.  Start with the top.  It's suppose to have gift bags and light bulbs and some surprise toys (the toys I stock for the kids when on sale or I give them for a prize) It's suppose to be hidden.  That' why it so hard to make it looks nice, but my kids can't see it!!!  And I come up with this 
    Yes!!!  No one can see my spare toys right :)  I also found my hair stylish stuff on the back of this shelf.  I totally forgot it was there.  So this is good part of organizing.  I got new stuff!!! (hahaha)
   Next is the bath product and household stuff.  I used the basket from another day I got at Walmart.  I also used a file holder for the soap but it fits perfectly and got the chalk pen to write it all and this is the result.
    The 3rd one is my food that I got a new basket and a new can goods rack from yesterday.  I just realized I didn't have a lot of can foods as I thought (I didn't find any food that expired either.  Good thing right!) So I put the juice for my kids lunch box on the rack instead.
   Another shelf is supposed to be toilet paper, tissue paper and kitchen towels (I love my kitchen towels) but I still have some overflow food too :(

     Last level I have paper towels, kids art supplies, more light bulbs, food saver bags and random household stuff.  I just got the basket for the art supplies for the kids.
     After this is done I still had more motivation.  So I went to purge my office.  Ok another embarrassing picture.
     I want to tell you all an excuse why I couldn't organize it, but Umm.  There are too many, so what I decided to purge it again.  This time I got the file holder and the tray to organize my stuff +4 bags of trash :) this is the finished product

          Wow!!!  Now I'm ready to write my blog :) see you next time.

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